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Dynamic Costa Sdn. Bhd. is a fleet management and transportation services company in Malaysia. We Specialize in nationwide fleet management for transporters looking to enhance profitability and reduce downtime.
Our complete fleet management solution includes all necessary legal requirements. This includes APAD and JPJ services, Puspakom inspections, and Motor Insurance. On top of that, we also offer data analysis from GPS and Fuel Tracking. These, coupled with Driver Training, ensures the safety of the fleet and its drivers.


motor insurance
jpj services
puspakom services
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GPS Tracking
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Fuel Tracking
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Vehicle Maintenance
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Driver Safety Trainings


Maximize your transport business’s profitability with our advanced fleet management solutions. Firstly, we prioritize your success by focusing on regulatory compliance, and proactive maintenance schedules. We empower your fleet to operate at its peak, delivering cost-effective and reliable transportation solutions. What are you waiting for? Partner with us today, and elevate your profitability to stay ahead in the competitive transport industry.
Entrust the management of your fleet to dedicated professionals. Focus exclusively on the fundamental aspects of your business. Moreover, by delegating intricate tasks associated with fleet management and transport services, such as vehicle maintenance and regulatory compliance, you free up valuable time and resources. Ultimately, this enables you to optimize your business’s performance, leading to enhanced profitability.
Commercial vehicles in Malaysia must comply with several legal requirements in order to operate. However, navigating these processes can be time-consuming. At Dynamic Costa, we offer physical APAD/JPJ/PUSPAKOM services. This streamlines the compliance process. Lastly, experience a hassle-free journey as we handle the necessary legal requirements on your behalf.
Managing a workforce can be challenging. Particularly in the transport sector, where the competence of its truck drivers significantly influences business operations. Delays or missed deliveries can incur extra expenses and affect overall profitability. Dynamic Costa offers comprehensive driver training. For example, safety protocols, efficiency enhancement, and character development. Help your drivers deliver customer service that elevates the name of your brand.
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